The 51st Annual Little Brown Jug Invitational Tournament

August 19 to August 21, 2022





Forty-eight teams played the inaugural Little Brown Jug in 1972 with Wahconah Country Club members Bob Taylor and Chuck Snyder winning the championship division.  The tournament has been held annually since that first event and now has a field of 112 teams over 8 divisions.  Many of the top amateurs from New England and New York participate in this highly competitive and well regarded event.  “The Jug” is a unique and highly coveted trophy.  Everyone wants a Jug!


This year we are proud to host the 51st Annual Little Brown Jug!

Format: Medal Play, Better Ball of Partners Gross Only

Scoring: ONLINE portal with scores, skins, tee times, stats, sponsor information, and more at:

Tees:      Brown Jug Conference (Championship) shall play the Brown Jug Tees
               Blue Conference (2nd& 3rd Divisions) shall play the Blue Tees
               White Conference (4th& 5th Divisions) shall play the White Tees
               Gold Conference (6th& 7th Divisions) shall play the Gold Tees

All Flights: The low 14 Friday scores in each conference will determine the Championship, 2nd, 4th, & 6 divisions. The remaining 14 scores in each conference will comprise the  1st, 3rd, 5th, & 7th divisions. In the event of a tie for 14th place, the Team with the lowest Team Index will break ties and move up when deciding divisions. If teams have the same index, the low player index will break ties when deciding divisions.



2022 Divisional Team prizes:                         1st: $520, 2nd: $400, 3rd: $320, 4th: $220
2022 Saturday/Sunday Team Medalist Prizes:           All DIV.:1st: $150, All DIV. 2nd: $100


Ties:       First place ties will be broken by a “sudden death” playoff. All other ties will be determined by using the USGA recommended procedure. (Gross Score Holes 10-18, if tied, Gross Score Holes 13-18, if tied, Gross Score 16-18, if tied, Gross Score on Hole 18)

Horse Race:
A Horse Race will be held on Friday evening. Win, Place and Show tickets on any team may be purchased. Win, Place and Show Tickets will be sold for $1.00 each, or Combo (win, place, show) in $3.00 increments. Payoff on winning Tickets will be at the conclusion of the Tournament on Sunday.

Players Pool: Players Pool Entry was included in your Registration Fee.  ALL TIES BROKEN AS DEFINED ABOVE.

All Divisions:                              1st: $320, 2nd: $210, 3rd: $100, 4th: $70

Skins: There will be a Skins pool for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Separate skins pools will be contested within each conference. Two (2) Tie all Tie. If no skins, the pool carries into the next round.  If no skins in the conference on Sunday, all eagles/better will be paid.  If still no skins, we will move to Three (3) Tie all Tie. 

Guaranteed Entry: There will be no “player” Guaranteed Entries. All qualifiers will be as a “Team” (you must return with the same partner or lose your “guaranteed entry”). Below is a listing of how to qualify for a guaranteed entry.
b.    ALL OTHER JUG WINNERS…………………….……………………   1 YEAR
c.    LOW 10 TOURNAMENT SCORES……………………………………. 1 YEAR


Unattached Players: All unattached players’ indices have been addressed by the LBJ Committee prior to the start of play on Friday. No additional Handicap information is required


Pace of Play (All Rounds): The Tournament Committee expects a pace of play of no more than 4 hours & 30 minutes per group.  Groups will be considered out of position if they are more than 15 minutes behind the proceeding group. If the gap is not closed a 2 stroke penalty will be incurred.


Condition of Competition: In the event that all 54 holes of “The Little Brown Jug” cannot be completed due to weather and/or an unplayable golf course.  The Division competitions shall be decided by the last nine holes completed by all players in the division.


Dangerous Weather: If the playing conditions become dangerous to the field, a warning horn will be sounded. If any horn is sounded play shall be immediately halted and all players must exit the golf course.